Collaboration with Roestvry

atelier l'ete x Roestvry collaboration jewellery

At l'Été we enjoy collaborating with local makers, brands and shops. As a modern-day brand we like to explore new opportunities and unique perspectives. Finding new ways to design, produce and connect. 


In collaboration with local Amsterdam-based artist Femke we created several designs in sterling silver. The silver is recycled and the rings are locally made by hand. We very much enjoy working with Femke, as she's a dedicated craftsman. Her atelier is based in Amsterdam and you can always walk in for a nice chat. Her jewellery is recognised by high quality material, bold statement designs and playful engravings. 


We very much value the transparency of our supply chain in our collaboration with Femke. Ensuring a line that's 100% ethically sourced and sustainably produced. The raw materials are recycled sterling silver and solid gold and there's little to no shipping on these items.


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