Behind the scenes in Paris

Behind the scenes in Paris

Team Atelier l’Été visited Paris for a shoot with French model Lila. Within three days, we produced film, analogue, and digital photography content for our new line. Co-founder Isabel handled the photography and model scouting, while co-founder Lisa explored the city for the best looks and locations.


For location scouting, we visited hidden gems and popular spots in Le Marais, the luxurious 7th arrondissement, and in and around the beautiful Palais-Royal. In the neighborhood of Palais-Royal, there are typical French bookstores like The Ancient Library hidden in the Vivienne Gallery and many terraces to settle at. Sundays are relaxed in Paris; everyone strolls around the city, rests on the benches, and orders café olé. Parisians take their dogs for walks while the sun bathes the town in light. For the shoot, we ended up at the Palais-Royal, the classical Bistrot Vivienne terrace with silver tea cups and tables with golden lining, and the rawer corners of Le Marais on Rue du Roi Doré, which means 'golden king’ (I mean what else).


For our styling, we visited several vintage stores across Paris, including Souag Forever, the Room, Nuovo, and BIS. The French love their vintage designer items; just let their precious selection surprise you, and trust that you'll look absolutely stunning in the end. For unique vintage gloves, classical clip-ins, and chic accessories, we went to the endless market up north called Marché aux Puces de Paris Saint Ouen. This place is out of this world. Check opening times ahead of your visit; it's mainly open during weekends. We brought home way too many clip-ins, several handbags, and a pair of pointy black heels. For silverware and detailed tableware, this is absolutely the right place to be.




For mood shots, we visited several galleries and museums. The romantic garden and bronze statues of the Rodin museum are a must-visit while in the 7th arrondissement. The whole neighborhood makes you wish to live in one of the upper-class high-ceiling houses, with big windows that gaze across the French Jardins. At Rodin, get yourself a pencil and a notebook, and reflect, contemplate, and enjoy the moment, just like the Thinker does. Analogue photography works really well here, and the lights on the windowsills are perfect for gold and silver reflections. Another museum we visited for inspiration is the Bourse de Commerce. Although set in a busier part of town, this museum exudes quietness. The high painted ceilings, warm light, and modern exhibitions are worth a visit every time. Find your way through all the floors and Japanese details by architect Tadao Ando.

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