Romy for l'Été

Romy for l'Été

l'Été celebrates friendship, passion and adventure. In this new feature we highlight personal stories that inspire.  Beautiful model and entrepreneur Romy Klerks talks about her career, lifestyle and travel essentials.

by @RomyKlerks wearing the Éliott hoops

What has your journey been like so far?

"I learned very early that everything is possible, but nothing comes easy. After exploring Southeast Asia by myself, I returned to pursue a bachelor's degree at the Hotelschool in Amsterdam. I've never been much of a study type, though; I prefer working over studying. And so it happened, as my modeling career took off pretty soon after. People often ask me about my Plan B, but I'd rather manifest my Plan A."

Where can we find you most often?

"I’m based in Amsterdam, but I love spending time with my family in Zeeland. Nature is calm and beautiful there. During the winter, my boyfriend and I hide out in sunny places like Cape Town or Australia. Maybe this year, we will explore something new."

What are your passions, and how did you discover them?

"My life in Amsterdam is fast-paced, but deep down, there’s the urge to disconnect and be close to nature. I believe in the simplicity of life, being outdoors, and consuming consciously. I love spontaneous beach days, strolls, and long nights under the stars. Just being and doing nothing means the world to me."

Where would you go if you could leave tomorrow?

"Nothing beats an Italian summer, but I do prefer to explore something new. New cultures, new heights, and old campervans. I’m always up for a little adventure. I once did a two-day hike in New Zealand without preparing well. We only brought one bottle of water and expected a hotel on top of the mountain. This miscalculation resulted in an extremely hungry and cold night. The stupidity is worth a laugh now."

What are the essentials you always bring along?

"I’ve become a pro at packing light because I travel a lot for work. My huge bag still fits underneath an airplane chair. When it comes to travel essentials, I cannot live without a tongue scraper. It’s not very common in the Western world, but our tongue needs cleaning every morning to remove bacteria. Next to the scraper, I always bring a healthy deodorant stick and, of course, my l’Été ring and earrings. These are my forever items. I have never bought anything lasting like that for myself before, so these jewelry items mean a lot to me."

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